How to Deal with Pests Today

People control pests for several reasons. For instance, when it comes to human health, we control pests because they may harm our health. When it comes to plants and animals, we control pests as lack of control may be detrimental to the economy as well as ecology. Individuals who have trained to deal with pests are referred to as exterminators. In the state of Colorado, there are many companies specializing in pest control. Denver Pest Control is a company that has a reputation and offers exceptional services. Before pest control became the main issue to humans, they first dealt with the issue in agriculture.

Understanding pest control

Humans used to control pests in the past to enhance crop production. Other than the small species that we think of when we hear the term pest, there are large species of pests such as herbivores, and this is what humans first dealt with. From the old days, people destroyed pests using physical means that included burning them or scaring them away. The easiest way of dealing with pests included using competing species to eliminate the pest. Other than these methods, other methods that were effective in controlling pest in the old days included selective breeding, companion planting as well as crop rotation.

More old methods

We currently live in a world where everything has rights including pests. Animal rights have led to the adoption of more humane pest control methods. To those that don’t understand, this involves the application of animal psychology to control pests rather than destroying the harmful species. This is the part that has allowed the use of firearms to scare away pests rather than shooting them. This method involves the use of airguns to deal away with common pests such as grey squirrels, rabbits and rats. All these species are afraid of loud sounds. On its part, the use of chemicals when it comes to pest control has been in existence for the last 4500 years. Sulphur compounds were the earliest known chemicals to be used to control pests. There were also poisonous plants that were used as pesticides. Pyrethrum and derris are some of these plants.

Occurrence of Pests

For pests to be declared as a problem, they must cause some nuisance to humans. For instance, raccoons were not considered as pests until they started tearing refuse sacks. However, with the introduction of bins that had locking lids, the issue of raccoons was solved. House flies, on the other hand, can only thrive where there is human activity. For flies to thrive, water and food must be in abundance. Other pests such as seagulls only thrive when fed by tourists on seaside resorts. However, when this feeding is halted, seagulls are nowhere to be found.

Controlling pests today

Controlling pests today is not an easy thing as pests have mutated meaning that they are resistant to physical control, chemical control, and biological control. Methods that have proven successful in dealing with pests include field burning, trap cropping as well as hunting and poisoned bait. Sterilization is also effective when it comes to pest control.

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