What Make Home Maintenance Insurance Policies Different From Home Insurance?

Having a home insurance policy is a big necessity for the homeowners. Nothing can be more evident than suffering from the events like water damage, tornado or hurricane…the list is too long. In fact, owning a home is a completely priceless experience and having a proper home insurance is also important in case something happens to the home.

Home insurance never covers maintenance:

 One thing that most of the people don’t understand is the home insurance, irrespective of the extent of coverage and complexity, don’t cover the home maintenance related issues. In simpler words, the homeowner policies never cover the damages, which take place because of the lack of personal responsibility. Maintaining the home is considered to be the job of every homeowner. And taking care of the regular wear and tear is not the responsibility of the insurance providers. It is the responsibility of the homeowners to consider home maintenance insurance policies to keep the things properly functional as well as to manage the homes properly.

Why the home insurance providers don’t offer home maintenance polices?

Having established the fact that a house needs some specific maintenance to assure the strength and durability over the period of time, the home insurance policies are pretty clear as to what the home insurance policies would or would not cover and under which circumstances. So, what are those situations, which can lead to the homeowner hearing all the dreaded words like the insurance providers can’t cover it?

Imagine that something happens like a storm, which destroys the walls of your home. But as the wall has not been maintained properly or regularly by you, therefore the claims adjuster will make the decision how much damaged was caused because of your negligence. It is true that you had nothing to do with the external uncontrollable factor, which triggered the actual damage. But it is considered that if the wall was maintained properly, then it would have withstood the storm in a far better manner. So, the insurance company will consider that the negligence of the homeowner contributed to that damage essentially.

The answer:

So, it is obvious that home insurance is not home maintenance insurance. And being a homeowner, you must know that it is important to maintain a home properly to keep it functional as well as to make it ready to keep all the hardships like storms and other external inconvenient factors.

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